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Living With Bae and Your Ex AT THE SAME TIME

March 23, 2020

Never have I ever... lived with my boyfriend, my ex boyfriend, AND my ex's new boyfriend AT THE SAME TIME. But this podcast is all about exploring modern love and the infinite ways that that can look. In this episode we talk with our most popular past guest, Kisos. He is a musician/streamer/marketer/beautiful human. He wanted to come back on the pod and talk with us about is... "unique" living situation. 


 Also discussed:

-Millennial dating term: Paper Clipping. This is the most nostalgic nod to our 90s Childhood (you'll get why).
-Finding time to connect with your partner when you work from home.
-Do you stay friends after breaking up?
-How to adjust when you move in together. 


:::More info about our AMAZING guest:::

Kisos has new music out. His upcoming EP, sweet nothings, will guide listeners through the five stages of grief from bargaining, denial, anger, and sadness to acceptance. He wrote the songs in real time while recovering from a life shaking breakup, and hopes to help other people cope and process their emotions as they go through the same trials. Lead singles Happily Ever After and He Didnt Want Me have both been featured on Billboard Pride, and by Spotify’s playlists.

Also find Kisos on Spotify!


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